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How to partner with Serve the City Leuven

Who we Serve

Looking for Volunteers?

We have a strong focus of those in Leuven

who are homeless

who are asylum seekers or refugees

who are elderly

who are living with disabilities

Children in need

Victims of abuse

We are always looking to create new partnerships with local organisation who are serving those in our community of special need. Mentioned above are the areas of service that we focus on. If you are part of an organization in Leuven that is serving those in our community and either have a one-time project or a reoccurring need for volunteers, please send us an email with the following information:


Overview of your organisation:

Date and time of event:

Number of volunteers needed:

Description of the work the volunteers will be doing:

Do the volunteers need any special training?

What languages should the volunteers speak to be most effective?


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